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detergent than an aliment, less a burner than a builder.
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METRORRHAGIA. Theophilus Parvin, M.D., Philadelphia.
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of the Suprarenal Capsule, by A. W. JIayo Robson ; Notes on 375
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{Vide the Representations, Plate V., Fig. 12, and Plate VIII.,
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Briicke, Strieker, and others consider that the existence of a
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the animal is in the reaction stage — for instance, in the sheep when the
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Erysipelatous fever occurs as a sporadic and an epidemic disease. Asa
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and eye. There was a bright spot on the skin of the
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Hoss Union.— George Rootes, M.R.C.S.E., L.R.C.P. Lond., to the Sollers-
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their backs, can cling to a rod with the right or left
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[.32] Yorke. Proc. Roy. Soc, B, 1911, Ixxxiii, p. 238; Todd, Btill. Soc. Path. Exot., 1910,
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characterized by an apparent motion in a vertical plane from front backwards,
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lations in animals of the same kind, after the variolous virus
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The dry, harsh, east winds from the desert were the most objectionable features
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the patient, and, moreover, is not in any way influenced by rest or
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frequency of congenital stricture, let us next proceed to
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was shown with a section of normal fa^tal tliyroid for comparison and
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temptation, will feel disposed to shut themselves up in
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subsequently appeared in the animal so indulged (Copland).
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has or may hear of, if one takes the trouble to look them
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not coasting. Dr. Cullen Rivers is interested in the
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with considerable confidence, and yet, as the result proved, erroneously.
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the size of the dose. Thus opium and ether in initial
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Knowing this, and being desirous to ascertain if there