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scheme of dental first aid had met with the highest approval
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meritorious students. In addition to this there are Scholar-
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epithelium and the absence in either kidney of any acute inflammatory
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one, taken by itself. Dr. Frankland's explanation of its
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that he made it ; because it is groundless. That definition,
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etc. Fourth edition, revised, rewritten, and greatly enlarged. Il-
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in the development of the deeply staining cell, and may be classified
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the highest medical officer of the army — amounted to but
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was repeated on the other limb. (After the tractions, the ischiatic
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that Mrs. S. had been sick but was fast recovering. When asked,
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In case of severe constipation, injections — internal
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took some broth. The child was almost gone. In the after-
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Case L Mr, K., native; age, 44. Has inherited a robust
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« Mollendorff, Virch. Arch., Bd. 41. Berger, Vkch. Arch., Bd. 59.
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Brit. Ass. Adv. Sc., Lond., 1896 612-626.— iland (Von der),
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the desire for oblivion from grief, chagrin, and disappointment,
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of the two first mosquitoes which were examined after being-
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Sin, — A letter from Dr. H. S. Pardon on the above subject
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amount of lead found in the vermicelli, we believe that
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