In other cases the inflaoimation goes on to suppuration, and abscesses
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tenderness on deep pressure, as may also the liver, these organs being markedly
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1. Parts and Classes of the Vertebrata in which the Vibratory
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teuu s4bac6 de la face palmaire du petit doigt. Bull. Soc.
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Ther 19. 576-583, May 1976 4. Kales A, etal: Clin Pharma-
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Dr. Finny read the notes of a case of " Bradycardia, with
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from the ovum, is truly aquatic. He may possibly be swallowed in this
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cases or more, but the results were so unsatisfactory that I have quite
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gcogi'aphy. all of wliich form parts of the l:f>mc tnxl-s^ are also con-
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secondary to organic cardiac diseases with failure of the right ventricle. Cough
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knowledge as applied to the classification of insur-
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racter from that which is termed the " perforating ulcer," and
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charge of the case in the middle- of June I ordered bitter tonics, and the diet was
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The obstruction is due to the swelling from congestion and the exudation
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doses of these remedies I do so only on the basis of a tolerably
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rian cj'^sts, and a number of other operations, and this
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that the case is one in which the tumour is likely to be removed success-
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If not, please apply the crucial test — clinical use — at
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shops, to the destruction of thousands, whose varied Disorders
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into the mesentery. Barling^ has published a series of cases, and has
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M. Ft. chartula No. i. Sig.: One powder to be taken in a
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from error. A large number of well executed wood-cuts add
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digestive disturhances, or gastro-intestinal catarrh, when taken in connection
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toneal nodes and further to th(^ various groups situated in the
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Practical Observations on the Purulent Ophthalmia op
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sation of hunger is removed and life prolonged by resorting to rectal alimen-
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A small percentage of urea comes directly from the breaking up of the
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muriate of ammonia till the tongue is thickly coated, and then give an
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the breast is stimulated to greater secretion and there is a rapid
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angles to the fibres of the muscles. After operation for fistula the bowels
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of large and otlen repeated doses of brandy and ammonia. It is
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rays. For use, they may be powdered, and treated precisely
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The author here very wisely begins his description of
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articles on the thyroid gland and its diseases. Nevertheless the etiol-
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