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£ conclusion that the act was certainly homicidal. It will greatly aid the

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with great difficulty. Upon examination, legs are found to be

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caecum, the flexures, and the rectum, and aflect by preference the projecting

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of the body and of most of the organs. When this is interfered


connective tissue of the lungs. In this manner both vesicular

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The most important compound of platinum — the bichloride, or

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We frequently find the black lungs of colliers to contain small or

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and in the epigastrium. In the third and fourth intercostal spaces to

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lighted, and the stairs have easy risers and treads for children. The

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at irregular intervals or in some cases with remarkable periodicity. In

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104» or 106°, but is very often not above 100° or 101°. The skin is hot

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urine. Physical examination often reveals in the upper

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interests of the medical profession was the "Journal des

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Sir Gilbert Blane, says, that only three wounded men recovered in the whole fleet,

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Par., 1894, vii, 97-104. - Vincent. Pied,s-hots invet6i6s

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exhaustion of the brain centers, at first transitory and

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hot water, and perhaps by taking few doses of James's

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fasciculi of the diaphragm are inserted. Whether the

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terrupted ; the heart was strong and steady ; pulse, 84,

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The fields of medicine and surgery including the collateral

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but does not affect the calibre of the vessels through the vaso-motors.

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** It contains, too, a letter of one of the prisoners, giving the

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a suitable ground." The accused Berlin surgeons were,

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often granular from enlargement of the mi:^ous glands. The v ocal co rds lose

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no result, three with relapses, one case of gangrene, and two

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haps hitherto unheard of; they prove the inefficacy of clinical obser-

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of the Committee on Maternal Welfare of the South Carolina Medical