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left a straw-colored supernatant fluid. Under Dr. Hoover's
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the epidemic was a malignant one as evinced by the mortality.
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diameter ; but where the supply is constant, a smaller cistern
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or stool, of hydatids. The discharge of the hydatids into the bilianr
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Hardawat— Near Columbus, Ga., October 16th, George Stan-
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the seat of the focus of inflammation; the first phalanx was
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also cause serious trouble. Some surgeons think that the ligature
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broth. As in vaccination by subcutaneous injection, the microbes, together
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of that sort which came before them would be punished."
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have been put forth in explanation of their nature and origin, I
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Hill ; Mr, Stanley Lurxs ; Mr. Milwabd ; Dr. Williams ; Dr. Leslie ;
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and is succeeded there by Dr. M. A. Fallen. Dr. Mary Put-
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ing a Case of Traumatic Rupture of Congenital Cystic Kidney. Dr. C E.
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ent. " The question which most naturally arises is, "What can
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4. Hsiao WC, Douwe BY, Braun P, et al: Measurement and analysis
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The phagocytic theory has been largely in the hands of
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Peshawur in 1867, tell the same histories of an outbreak of intense
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were usurping the place of the vital theorists. Boerhaave, too
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The vaccine is prepared from a single, selected strain of the
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of the French Academy of Sciences, M. de Quatrefages
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varieties of nasal, laryngeal, and aural affections, with marked success. He
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toxic products it easily explains the great variety in
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or less thickening of the lung, with the general symp-
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play. The vibrations of bodies produce waves or pulses