vas bordered on each side by stalls for horses. The stench of this place finally

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not lose sight of the fact that precious as were the

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exudate, leaving the tonsils clean. I then applied methylene blue, three

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Wore tlio onuse to lie found in I his peculiar distribution of

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verbal amnesia, and even temporary lapses of consciousness, with or with-

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medv, may enter toijetber, or close on each other's heels;" " and that

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toria which is pocketed by foreigners, while at the same time we have

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all, fifty-two, including members and guests, — Dr James Marshall ;

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of the eyes, producing presbyopia, or long sightedness.

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The proper employment of stimulants as a therapeutic agent, the particular

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toms of sleeping sickness dies sooner or later. It is an absolutely fatal

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.3d. Your memorialists have satisfactory evidence both from de-

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the City Board of Health, are and have proven themselves in every way

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and towns where gas is used for illumination purposes. Various

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movements and usefulness. 6. Cystitis, dysuria, hydro-

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Alcoholic Injections in Uterine Haemorrhage. — Dr. Hapgood {" Brit-

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all manner of changes in the skin, which can be appreciated by the sense

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and sometimes suppressed over a portion of the chest from temporary ob-

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betes and a final diagnosis in these cases often requires more than

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physician and surgeon in arriving at their diagnosis, in making

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private markets and now in Medicaid. These legislators are well informed on the issues and understand our concerns.

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(iii.) Fits from organic brain disease. — This may be old, such as a

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undergoes greater, and more frequent and sudden changes of temperature,

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of Hot Springs, Ark.; A Report of a Case of Pseudo-hyper-

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behind a raw surface so that mastication is painful. Both the free hydrochloric

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lbe understood as only pertaining to the visual acuity amd not to the

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Physical Findings: Enlargement of spleen, symmetrically

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rapidly progressed. It is not long since Dr. M' Dowel and I

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the intrusion of others and the threat of prosecution or litigation! Wouldn't

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the purchase of their practice assets. Their earnings

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on the morning of the 4:tli of June. Tlie patient got out of

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curriculum of a medical student fifty and more years ago, there

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in view, but in innumerable other examples in our solar and

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the elbow-joint. The interest of the case was that the patient, who

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riiage^ confined to a small and sharply-defined section of the lung, and

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tan n^r "' °^ '"'^ ''"•=""=« "'« "hject of metropoli-

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knowledge ; but it is certain that, so far as regards the right eye, they

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cephalic trunk, of the subclavian and right carotid ;

other manifestation (such as hardness, or those already stated) and espe-

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Richard D. Harte Entertainment Fund 339.42 2,788.62

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ment it became completely negative in one hundred and thirty-eight

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Indeed, so pronounced is this effect that- when the oil is

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been used without benefit. Specific and all other in-

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drainage opening at the site of the cystic duct was discovered,

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It is impossible to tell in any given case whether an

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The contagious bullous eruption consists of imperfectly formed bullae

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hundred or thousand individuals ; so there is clear

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Elements, Micronutrients, and Free Radicals. Clifton, N.J.: Humana

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