ankle joint. It rests upon the forward end of the os calcis. In front
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sequence of refrigeration of the inflamed joint, or of violent agitation
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was taking a disproi)ortionally larger quantity of fluids.
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tions for the teaching department, to ascertain what
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mater, a continuation of the enveloping membranes of the brain.
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they avoid also in their recreations anything in the way of games and
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come into abnormally early contact in the act of closure ;
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portion to the visible appearances, indicating the largely nervous
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run from the peripheral wall. Hemorrhage may occur into the capsular
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it occurred very early in the history of the human famihy. At present
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here appended show the ages of incidence in the five hundred cases.
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I have not found that such family histories are to be obtained more
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ing and keeps perfectly quiet. Any at all active muscular exertion,
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typhoid fever, small-j^ox, and influenza. I do not, however, believe
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44. Mader : Berichteder k.k. Krankenanstalt Rudolph-Stiftung inWien(1881),
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nitrogen (urea). Larger figures are not reached, indeed, in any
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tendon reflex was noted by Bouchard in 37 per cent., by Maschka in
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by delivering a part of the course on theory and prac-
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colic, but is easily distinguished from these by the observing nurse or
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Notta, Lagneau, Gosselin, Maurice, and recently Prost (These de
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Most articles of diet, in analysis, prove to contain one or other of a long