at the pylorus, where they make *a ring-like valve. The oblique

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grafts disappeared after a time through absorption, but in

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ference of the soft parts pressed into the ring. One

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designed and calculated to produce the effects above stated.

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efflorescence has also a brighter red or more scarlet hue than that of

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1 at once. On the seventh day the deformity was entirely re-

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In the London Lancet of December ii, 1875. He then said,

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These observed values, after allowing for errors in experiment,

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to show the value of any particular mixture, but merely to

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the voluntary muscles. Cases have also been reported in

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red and swollen to at once discontinue the solution.

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Arterig-sclerosis was first described by Sir William Gull and Dr.

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Chronic Bright's disease with contracted kidneys is essentially

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" These instances, with others that I might quote, suffice to prove that in the

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Charcot and others of the older writers on this subject ; for, since the

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scores of illustrations, making it of easy practical value to

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entire harmony with his views of the nature and properties of

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from the other ear. A female, aged thirty-eight years, was similarly

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to observation. Thus, a situation would seldom arise

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as not to increase its size (Frerichs). f Cirrhotic or fatty degeneration

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Occasionally it appears for the first time at the end of the sixth week.

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ently the result of a direct action of the glanders toxin upon the tissues. These

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thy? marvellous remedy, until I find niyseK now justified in

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such ordinaries, to forfeit forty shillings fine to the country, for every

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wrong. I think that De Lee held a leg for him while he was doing his

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before us, together with the comparative study of the visual fields, makes rae think that

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Gulliver DJ, Baker ME, et al. Malignant biliary ob-

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which are long and forcible. And it is found by observation, that

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brain lesion, we naturally inquire whether the brain disease had any

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patches. The diphtheroid patches of follicular tonsil*

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the country. Sir H. Rawlinson declares that, so far from