prurigo causes itching, and the latter scratching, and this again extends
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Calvert's carbolic shaving-stick is a useful kind. In cases of long
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eczema of the scalp. The important point in treatment is that oint-
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A temperature of 170° to 180° C. in a gas or electric oven for
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oculation ; and, till some information is obtained on these points, the
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In some cases I have observed great instability of the vascular compensa-
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which might be used for the purpose of self-destruction ; pins, needles,
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against his orders should be admitted, and family visitation should be
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more complaints are made, of a very hypochondriacal nature, the patient
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on the other hand, is always primarily follicular, and extends from the
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those conditions in which the papules are inflammatory. But the em-
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the surface by means of appropriate antiseptics. He was able to obtain
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the first symptoms come on, the more acute and maniacal they are apt to
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Parasite of the irregular, remittent, pernicious or Eestivo-autumnal fever of
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