to his death. The other viscera did not present any thing worthy of
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its progress. One of these is Jameses powder, with which you may
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appear not to be due to the direct action of absorbed gas, nor to im-
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iarity of this sound, as well as from the other S3^mptoms exhibited,
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troops and the German prisoners, with the result that there were about 16 cases of
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opening the bowels, this electuary acts on the skin, and frequently
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their bottoms-, and at the tops ft and feveral yellow
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on with sudden violence, which renders it very hard to bear, especially
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the rights and subsidize the resources of the healing art, would avail nothing
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way pointed out by Dr. Porter, and it shows in a convincing manner
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doubt. A very great variety of morbid appearances has been indicated
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stitution, and temperate, active habits : soon after the commencement
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pulsation of the carotids, suffusion of the eyes, and heat of the face and
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in point. And yet I can hardly doubt that, in such cases, a com-
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as it occurred at Birmingham. He states that his researches have led
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was almost tree from pain in half an hour, and Dr. Humphrey was
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about a month, the gluteal and sciatic nerves of the left side became
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fessors. So far, we have had amputation of the leg, amputation
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many cases, and particularly those under exhausting treatment,
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nature of the affection, where the mere symptomatic practitioner would
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and deserves particular attention. It is sometimes of a very unmanage-
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cines. In Dr. Talbot's case, there was simply medicinal aggravation.
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affixed a flange for retaining the fluids injected a short time in contact