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to make a plea that everyone keep the problem in mind, and when-

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secretions, and, as shown by Bernard, stimulates the sugar-producing

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escapes as watery vapour, leaving the iron in a metallic state. This is

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centres, and that, if anticipated in its attack by a suQieienlly strong pre-

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hilly grounds. Animal food injures the secretion of the milk.

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periments on cold exposure? In regard to some of the remarks

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solid, int fi.-jr-Ji.-. '.-r-iT Vi •,:.*: M-*': ■■ 't.'/.y '',i

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changes which arc essential to the characteristic effects of the remedy.

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both to the electric intensity and quantity, A small jar, highly charged,

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twenty parts of the one to twelve of the other. The dispute has been settled

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used. The former should be quickly dried, cut in pieces, and beaten so

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for the public health ; and the means which each individual

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each, fonr litres (eight pints) of brandy. One died imniediateljr, tbf

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whlek from fifteen to twentj-fire are to be given in the twentj-four hours. {BulUtin

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and agrees with the description given above ; the waist which

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prevent them. That it is not upon the mtiscles directly that the medicine

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lasts for more than 48 hours nor are more than 30 to 40 per cent of

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less degree dissolved in the liquor of the stomach. Quevenne aseertain€

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▼ehide, he was seized by the passengers, and compelled to remain. The

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it prevents the perspired fluid from rapidly evaporating and

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for use in certain phariuaceutieal proce^^cti. This has the sp. gr. U.Hll

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Quassia is asserted to be noxious to insect life. Employed in cabinet-

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mate than wheat. It will grow also in a lighter and drier

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their flannel clothing, particularly during the heat of sum-

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A double decomposition takes phice, resulting in the formation of aul-

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perature. It eats five times or more as much as an animal does

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flammation, the evacuations are very copious, and of a whitish gruel-

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Holutions in ether, ehlorefonu, oUve or almond oil. or some analogcms

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bread is friable," It is friable, cracked, hard, and not in the

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impregnate the urine. But the mineral acids are not absorbed as such;

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of poisoning by carbonic oxide, reported by Dr. A. S. Meldon, the patient j

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stance, milking a cow into four successive vessels, they found

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tion with tonics and pnrgativi^s; but the aromatic spirit is usually pre-

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Active Principle, This is tannic acid, having the general properties