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sentences : " Vegetable chemical compounds, organic

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FOURTH Annual Meeting, to be held in the City Hall,

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and worthy of the particular attention of the anat-

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State boards of health to investigate di.sease or other

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proving that his intellect was then unaffected. In a short time after,

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proceed from persons ill with acute articular rheumatism. We

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numbered 1 ,352 as compared with 22,676 men. In Canada

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pink and sunken ; left sunken, but of about normal colour ; tonsils have been

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any doubt as to the nature of the malady, are usually made the subjects

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this terrible malady. In my own observation, they have

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facts as to age of 15,000 physicians given in Bdmer's Im- ni?^^ ^'^"^ violence 11

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Note. — Admission to State Board Examinations for license to practice medicine is contingent in

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flesh and clearness of complexion was extraordinary, and the eruption

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more easily obtained. In quite a few cases it will be seen that had

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largest and smallest will make a difference of perhaps one third

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a diminution or alteration in its secretion may allow of the absorption of

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as emphasized by ^'olland and WestenhoeH'er. The same is true of the

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the method of taking exercise, whether active or passive (the latter being

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longer think clearly, give slow and incomplete answers to questions,

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gate after death the obscure disease-processes which have

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epidermis, where sexual intercourse between male and female is

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epigastrium, inflation of the stomach, respiratory exercises,

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sential that the public should be first educated to a proper appreciation of the

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severe outbreaks have occurred in countries of the temper-

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Enclosed is check for $4.00 for two dozen Dermatone. It is the best product I have ever seen for external use

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she has led, never able to walk or stand, and being an only child

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malady steadily increased. Uader these circumstances it was

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tered to the nurse, every time that a child was suckled

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I myself referred to two cases reported years ago in which

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America; the justice to record this affidavit in the office of the register

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members of the Society to the dreadful condition of body

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may be readily detected in the following manner : dissolve them in

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