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dence of this is consequent high pressure of the pulse, producing in-
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parts whence they cannot escape again, but may set up fresh
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St*crer,Hry wiih an energy, industry, aiirl courtesy wliifli has d one mu'-h to
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with at least the first item in my schedule. Callers will find the name
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of the General Medical Council are strictly limited, and it
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left iliac fossa. It never disappeared, and gave rise to dragging
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upwards for probably £125 per annum, I must say at least
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bohydrates should not be too much restricted. Much add means that
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II. With the exceptions provided for under Section IV («
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escent. I have, therefore, regarded it as an important fact to be widely
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mined to extract medical opinions in support of liis own
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.nterest. There are many hotels in ISIewcastle, of which the
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may he gained from the knowledge that Strassburger has found in
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both sides of the body), and there would, in the majority of
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Die Beziehungen des Sehobgans und seinek Ebkbankung-
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ally as effective, if not more so, than salvarsan itself; (5) it does not
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rhages remaining. The face may be swollen, but the distinctive feature
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ing directly with these domestic utensils that Colonel Gorgas destroyed
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urine. I afterward received the wedding card of this patient.
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RiNii. Dr. (M.O H. Keswick). 1. Prevention of the Spread of Infectious
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good feeling which had prompted the gift. When he became
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2. Diabetes occurs in dogs only when the pancreas has been
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no doubt due to the rest and very plentiful nutriment sup-
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dryness of the tongue and occasional sweats. As before urged, the
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this I also cut for a couple of inches downwards along the
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Gout, 453 — ^Diabetes Mellitus, 457 — Diabetes Insipidus, 467 — Rachitis, or
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less extensive crusts. If upon the face, they are as thick as sand ; it is no
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without fear of contradiction, that the interest and discussion now
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Treatment — ^We have no treatment for malignant endocarditis.
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and the parts seemed flaccid. This I thought might be due
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became weaker than the left. On arriving in the ward the
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time revacdnated, show that three vaccinations are a better pro-
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For further illustration in the contrasts between these two affec-
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Veale, J. Watts. Brlgadf^-f^nrrieon-LieutrnaM. f^ohm(U : J F. Beattie, G.
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nal. There is nothing so characteristic of rheimiatic inflammations
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mittee is satisfactory inasmuch as it is an honest and signifi-
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and drainage of both pleural cavities. Dr. Shinglhton
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CoNsrDERABLE excitement and no small alarm has been lately
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stage some patients show a serious apprehension of the outcome of
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patient feels better without the ice-bag than with it, cold is no longer
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fixing his eyes on anything, with suspicious side glances as though for