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AN ATLAS OF VENEREAL DISEASES. Translated and Edited by

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The absorption of amino acids from the blood by the tissue. J. Biol.

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ti-ary criterion, and not always accurate, but the instances in which

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of unemia occasionally observed. Blindness, which may be complete,

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denoting inflammation, and by the traumatic origin of the affection in the

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liundred patients ; many of them in four or five days, others in ten

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various affections. The same is true of petechial spots which occur in

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rieties, bruit de lime, de rape, 6cc., and " fremissement," are all considered as hav-

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find the so-called perivascular Ijinph space between them in

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t It is stated also that the sound is sometimes absent where there has been

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all their happiness was annihilated, and talked of shooting

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existence of a certain morbid state of the intestines in one case,

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logical evidence. Both conclude that there is direct phjrsiological

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Science, March, 1834. It referred to a child aged one year

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of chromatolysis and thereby the cytoplasm was stained vari-

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in doses var3'ing from 5 to 20 drops, in mucilage, repeated every hour or

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auricular, and palpebral branches were followed to their termina-

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patients affected with it. The disease is diffused in hospitals among fel-

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ence. After having considered the several forms of rheumatism just

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diate neighborhood of the localit}- where the disease first appeared ; and

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ganglion. Sympathetic fibers from the superior cervical sympa-

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after about a fortnight, during which time the lens frequently-

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paired, and frequently lost. Subsultus, carphologia, and fumbling with

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the human found indications of such an anastomosis of terminalis

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is quite clear from the number of persons of the same family

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febrieula or an abortive or arrested t3^phoid or typhus fever.

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It micst be inmiediately lesseiied, a?id that by the same grada^

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which opened it : therefore, that if the superior were divided, or

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convulsions and innutrition, the mode of dying being by asthenia.

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health and vigor. According to Fuller, " it is remarkably prone to affect

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in the lower extremities, and his head was so much affected, that

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nodal points of the Golgi net, although I would not deny the

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the mesh beams are thicker than those of the Golgi net-work.

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dilute sulphuric or the h3^drochloric acid, given with a view to neutralize

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chronic gastritis, vomiting being a prominent and persistent symptom.

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and 45 years. The movableness is attributable to violence, to increased

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of the reticulum takes place. What effect the fixing solutions

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without any evidence of hemorrhage. It may be supposed that in the

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longations of the surface of the ovum with their branches; these