He quotes a letter from Mr. R. P. Player to the editor of
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Insane, now pending before the Legislature of this State."
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have sickened or died of yellow fever on their journey
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5. M. M., set. 21 ; primipara; in labor 40 hours; in convulsion 3 hoars. Os but slightly
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era and cholera nostras. By changes in methods of cul-
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vein. Oedema results. Very common to find blood in stools
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will sometimes produce a more lasting effect than a
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A case that has been allowed to run on for one, two, or more weeks is often
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"American journal of the Medical Sciences, October. 1872.
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attention than this. It was first presented to us in a
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Dr. Williamson, to whom I am indebted for permission to publish the
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arrested by the curette, but we do not get the diminution
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cluded by sutures in the edges of the incision in the
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executioners. At this period, the practice 1 cause of mischief. To " make assurance
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To prevent the accident, large veins should be cut only between
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veins are dilated in 7.69 per cent. ; there is no dis-
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under the tendon forming the external oblique muscle. The piston is now
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after recovery 12 to 16 gm. of chlorids on a daily intake of 6 gm. of
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In one of the cases reported with M. Lemierre we had already noticed
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cases, ten grains of hyoscyamus extract should be added.
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serious obstacles encountered in putting the law into operation.
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mitted to him by Matthews Duncan, supported this view, point-
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department with respect to the latter class of samples to make anal-
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Solomons, B.A., M.D. Univ. Dub., F.R. C.P.I. London : Bailliere, Tindall &