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of CARDIZEM alone or in combination with beta-blockers in

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relieved by an act performed by the patient in liis delirium.

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what is normal. Carlson found that the rate of secretion of

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tion being three or four hours. The sweating is evidence that the febrile

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but more particularly those of the cranium, often com-

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Warszaw.,1886,lxxxii, 1; 271; 553; 717.— Geigel (R.) Die

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from the local process. On the other hand, in meningitis, in hydro-

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Hypothesis on the structure and action of Molecules together

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the custom of going for advice to some Practitioner who will

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fornication or uncleanness it must be of their own choice

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in these volumes to this important but neglected means of diagnosis

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the entire organ is contracted, labor may be delayed

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A number of these post-influenzal psychoses we kept in hospitals

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dumb, and unable to speak. Dumbness is not one of the after-consequences

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strikes the anterior external point of the shoulder, very probably, upon a

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fauces. In the very large majority of cases it occurs in

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but one fatal result. Of these, eight resulted in external

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came away, and has worked steadily ever since. He complains only of numb-

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sequestration during its employment, on account of the

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attack. I am therefore convinced that the pollen theory is cor-

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and optometrists (35), while the most frequently man-

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fee, after the same manner that we use iodide of potassium, sulphur, etc.


and stripes, has repeatedly protected me in foreign lands

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oysters, white fish, suited her best ; with these the discharge was

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— the last edition — was published early this year and contains

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To say that we in medical society management will miss Bruce

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