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In order to avoid all inconveniences I endeavored in
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in the Liverpool Prisons. Temperance Reviciv, III, 4.:
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important viscus, and demonstrate itself by symptoms which produce
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the serous effusion is an effect of the inflammation, and indicates that the
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The migratory character of that class of our inhabitants ren •
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5. Geschicter, C. F., and Copeland, M. M. : Multiple myeloma.
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eoeded by a return of these sounds for some time before the complete
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division of the fifth, and not to the facial or portio dura nerve. This
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allowed to the bones, muscles, integuments, and hair." It is, however, evident
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pital, in the winter of 1800. The cases were fourteen in number. They
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Angeles, B.S., 1984. Medical education, University of
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The patient was a man 63 years of age, and had been under the care of Dr.
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and 3 p.m. Names of referral physicians will be furnished
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confined to various lymphatic glands ; but animals so affected
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is equally ql^r ^i^d (Jecidcd, Of nineteen cases, in the Table of 5lr. Curling, in which
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atrophy of the medullary sheaths of nerve-fibres which
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acid, I opened the vessels of the neck and allowed four
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so as to rotate the ilium forward. The body must be ro-
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no relation whatever with struma or tuberculosis. Even with the
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from other facilities within a 160-km (100-mile) radius. The
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According to this authority, than which better could not
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that some of the plates are unnecessarily complicated, and show too
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the anthrax spore, the reproductive element of the ba-
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Aesculapius is usually represented with a serpent near
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stef Hosp. Rep., Lond., 1895, ix, 100-1U2.— Guinon (E.)
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second sound, audible at the apex only, as an indication of the development
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growth having caused him much uneasiness from its resemblance to an epithelioma.