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In May he weighed no pounds, and the following year

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almanacs, all of which he stowed away after the manner of our literary

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nises two, the local and erratic erysipelas; and Cazenave confines

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cles about the chest and shoulders; system irritable; pulse 125; bowels

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crises of the pertussis begin to be more rare, and without

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lymphatic thrombosis under conditions which set free thrombo-

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mally hypospadiac. Incontinence did not exist as the

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tion, with a brief summary of such facts in regard to it as I have

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the disease persisted, and from Christmas to February 18, 1870, there had been

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bacilli were found subsequently in 15 per cent. In thirty-two cases

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the consideration of the specific gravity of the urine.

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must of course search for the cause of the inflammation in eye-strain

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haemorrhage. The uterus was removed on January 7th, 1899,

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has related to me a case in which a child was supported by enemas for a

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unfavorable conditions in the intestine rather than by any acquired