onds. Repeat until the color is discharged. The first test will probably
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find all or most of these characters of pain in the spine
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which is more probably due to infection with pyogenic germs.
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we can generally accomplish this without any additional operation
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tlie common law of gravity. The skin distends uniformly and gra-
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alcoholic cases or in neglected patients who are well
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disease, but simply a symptom developing in the course of
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severe paroxysm of cough, and lately after a hard sneeze. Each time
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Baginsky of Berlin reports a mortality of 13 per cent.
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Prognosis. — ^To arrive at a correct prognosis it is necessary to consid^
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the teeth, (though from what has already been said it is clear that
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by Prof. Senator in treating of Diahrtrn MeI/itu/< and
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my diagnosis was fibroids. The only question between Dr. Clark and
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conjunctivitis, inflammation of the middle ear and the accessory sinuses
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cester ; G. M. Morse, Clinton ; J. G. Park, J. M. Rice, Wor-
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strenuous efforts to save them. Innumerable drugs have been employed,
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This book is not only interesting to the medical man,
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piece of coal, he would be thrown down by the violence of
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failed to bring us much nearer this goal. But advances have been
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parakeratosis is present ; but interstitial oedema is lessened, while epithelial
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held in a fixed relation to the arch of the pubes and its
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nerve-centers are not to be considered clinically as indepen-
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seems necessary that they should germinate and develop into the anthrax
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Admitted April 28, 1908. Duration ten days. Was very ill on admission.
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Med. News, Phila., 1891, lix, 541, Also, Reprint. .