A Boarding-House for Medical Students in Vienna.—
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move that it be referred to the Committee on Publication.
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amination would have shown that the growth was not malignant
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whom she had consulted for some disease of the skin,
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5. Wiiat is the proximate cause of Spasmodic Cholera }
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covery of patients of this class ; the fatal issue is
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gastro-enterostomy. In the case of pyloric stenosis and bilocular
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induce premature labour, retention of urine, &c., and
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riculum, but as this became more and more straightened,
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proliferation of the connective tissue, whereby the muscular elements
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active inflammation remaining. It however carries with it one
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are chronicled. The author describes two cases operated
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nounced this new procedure with emphatic disapproval. But as the
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there were no gastric or intestinal symptoms. On August 8th,
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