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as modified ])y Huppert, or by the method of Hart,^ combined with the
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Upon the prognosis of insanity, the author has made a num-
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married twelve months, and was confined 27th June 1903. Her
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and atrophy of the white substance of the occipital lobe, together with
than in those cases of weak, irritable stomachs which are
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given by Elizabeth W. Buehler and Dr. John A. Buehler. Copies of the
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none, or only about Ji inch. About the nipple the circumference of the left thorax was
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Korschun^" recently published a {)aper from which it appears
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currents were now used with the effect of causing strong con-
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polypus is soft, gelatinous and increases in size in damp
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A Clinical Lecture Delivered at St. George* s Hospital.
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position of the physician in these cases the censors
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of them should never have been admitted to the country, and
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conclusion. The pareses seen in tuberculous meningitis referable to
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none of these causes was present except the acute peri-
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John R. Amberg, M. D., radiologist. Department of Radi-
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and completely. The occurrence of convulsions in the outset of any
interferon- beta-1b (betaseron) a model for hydrophobic therapeutic proteins
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it will be found to be thickened, and may be felt above the pubes.
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•In my next article I wlU discuss the general prin-
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circumstances of his illness were such that careful observation of symp-
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stuff. ^Mother says her food did her no good. Stools always
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MacAlister. It is highly advisable that the surgeon
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travagant language in the matter is wholly out of place.
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enlargement of the right ventricle (as in beriberi), and a
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old. We have also in the hospital a child of only seven weeks, on whom I ope-
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that period till her discharge. The wound healed with a
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man}' instances the recurrence of the displacement. He then
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lated and grown in pure culture to furnish antigen. It has seemed to
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