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When chill initiates the fever, the patient must go to bed and hot

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The diagnosis can present no difficulty if all the accompanying circum-

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and swelling render the joint temporarily stiff and useless, while repeated

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when the heart is weak. Theocin, gr. iij (0.2 gm.) in a capsule, is also

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I'a.aphyxie des poissons. Compt. rend. Soc. de biol., Par.,

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malformations — less than 3 cm — or can be combined

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serum and pus. A large deposit of lymph, three lines in thickness,

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and that pyemic inflammation of joints is not always suppurative. It

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Definition.— Chronic dilatation of the colon and sig-moid flexure, not

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substances in the child, and child prostitution. 3 Neglect

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of pure oxygen while at the high altitude may so benefit the body

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fectly done, cases of contagious disease multiply. Disease germs

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grains of sulphate of zinc with an ounce of the wine of ipecacuanha, fol-

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COSis. — This method of treatment is based upon the hypothesis that death is

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