invention of the dynamo there were rarely serious accidents. The first
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the blood did not at all tolerate the presence of acids.
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passing through if the serum was diluted 1 : 10. A detailed investiga-
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Medical Society was the most successful meeting in the many years of its
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quantity, there is risk of the strength of the patient being reduced to a dangerous
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bone, seeds, and fruit pips, as well as other other insoluble substances,
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positive disinfecting treatment has been of some value, and I should
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normal saline solution. A gauze packing was then employed.
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There were no “occult"' malignancies, the bone mar-
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spirits, thirst, and a total want of appetite, were the
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absence of anaemia and cachexia, wasting is unusual, signs of obstruction
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Humphry Davy, actively oppose his admission to the Royal Society,
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epizootica, and murrain, or foot-and-mouth disease.
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with water. It is contraindicated in cardiac impairment, and its disagree-
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contents consist of unreasoning commentaries on the
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stitching the ruptured ends had been adopted. He can endorse
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was heard a whistling noise, mixed with moist rales.
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seen in consultation as one of sclerodermia. The course was
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terised by sound ; the first part is passed in sQence. So, then,,
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and the patient ' recovered well,' " This is a perversion, not only of my mean-
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and the users of acid nitrate and mercury in felting. Lead affects those
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24 hours (Pinner). It quickly corrects the foul odor in the discharge
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cease in the first mentioned form, and does so but slightly in the latter, thus showing its
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which is applied lead water and laudanum. Prompt measures are taken to heal
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Of the treatment of the infecting sore, I may at once
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leaves of trees and leaves of flowers, and stems of shrubs and plants
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language, pure thought are too intense for us at our present stage of
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for the image to be inverted upon the retina, in order to give a clear per-
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