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substance of the uterus undergoes a fatty degeneration so complete that there

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Recent French writers call it a pneaiiio)iic tubercle. Tubercles may be pre-

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opens to an outside widlh of an inch and a half, and it has a

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As our author observes in his advertisement, public opinion

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Resolved, That the thanks of the Connecticut Medical Society

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sion in which they are written, the tongue is found to

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for the children of alcoholic parentage are sometimes degenerates (idiocy,

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respiratory mucous membrane, from the nose to the alveoli of the

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common than the one which has been described, and is the en-

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compassed in a strict regional boundary — the medulla oblongata.

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Boope. Tiiere ii» possihility that the infliunmation may run to

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tory furnace. The mixed oxides are rubbed together, fused,

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the edition is finally determined. Printing was commenced on

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facture of plaster-of-Paris dressings in New York. A

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ral days, Mr. Hamilton perforated the stricture with Stafford's

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into the stomach, accumulate witliin the gullet, and block up its

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twenty- four hours before ihvx vic^lded pemianentlv. But to return

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lighted, and the stairs have easy risers and treads for children. The

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aspect of a prison rather than a hospital, modern method, viz : Alabama, Georgia,

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easily obtained that the practitioner is no longer satisfied with know-

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Schools, 1898-1903 ; Founder and Chief Instructor, New York

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rats and fleas, and methods for the protection of human beings.

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spectfully refer the Society for all detailed' inionn&tion desired.

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of a little acetic acid, it did not become clear ; at a higher temperature