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trations. As a work of reference to the practitioner

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tendinous reflexes are sometimes increased and painful pressure

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long until the abscess bulged in the epigastrium or the right hypochondrium.

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rarely the characteristic grouping seen in cerebro spinal fever. The otitic

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stronger chicks can be secured by natural methods of incubation. In

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irrespective of whether the sac has or has not ruptured.

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paralysis namely facial palsy. Again familiar as we are with the

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It is very probable that the pathologic significance of diseases of the

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to avoid confusion in the final analysis but it is recorded because the

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the subject of Hour glass Contractions of the Uterus Dr.

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saying that there was no organ in the entire body that had

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become infected and suppurate chronic axial rotation

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dominal discomfort of which people complain is due to such functional dis

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produced from selected grains under ideal conditions

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Further on breeding larvae of Sarcophagida in faeces infected with

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there are undoubted cases in man caused by accidental infection from cattle.

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As a local application M. Cazenave recommends an ointment made of beef

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panying the attacks. For instance one writer speaks of Cheyne Stokes

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patient lies on the affected side the cheek on that side is

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pressure be so gradually and equably applied as to obliterate the internal or

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basis. With regard to the special branch of uterine disease

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for this comparatively short period equal and recapitulate

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Rawlings typhoid.strain were used c c of. N Ba OH were

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The pathological section of a medical museum is its

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inoculated twenty four hours previously with a small quantity of im

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tate to say emphatically that opium should not be given

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one successfully the other unsuccessfully. The fatal

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serum within the pH limits. and. the vertical distance between

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than males the nervous and delicate more than the robust and

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fat during treatment or its removal by treatment also helps to restore

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ble muscular contractions identical with what we see

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