they should be hung up to dry without wringing. If there is a tend-

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and later crusts formed over the surface which on removal showed an ulcerated

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the result of poisonous materials contained abnormally

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stages of their illness. The aspect of a child with cardiac disease is rather

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tion of 5 c.c. of myelotoxic serum, followed by an in-

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acid (i in 500), normal saline solution, or borax and bicarbonate

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a sufferer from trigeminal neuralgia to make a trial of medicinal

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reversed ; that is to say, the parasites come into the

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, Henry M. Hooke, by the Middlesex North ( face was noticed to become deadly pale, and

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special reference to that species which affects man, are given.

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some of those who finally survive have teratological

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his "Treatise on Ooca," M. MarlanI has gathered the test!'

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in great suffering from constant pain in abdomen, but at intervals of

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ceps, the opening intelligently enlarged without injury

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a little swollen with purple vesications on the lower and outer

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machinery, so to speak, of the medical relief on a more efficient

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Incomplete as was our knowledge, its practical appli-

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2. ** Materia Medica of Today." Dr. Allard made an earn-

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back. On turning her on her right side the pulsation disapy-

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interfered with the changes which took place after parturition; and (2) on the

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of the spine, indigestion, a torpid stale of the intestines, a precocious de-

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anastomosis; the two blind extremities become tense

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That of the Great Lakes, there being now 13 cases in Minnesota as against 27 in

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akms of General Pathology, viz., Morbid anatomy, and morbid changes of the fluids of the

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constitutional symptoms. The pinched and pallid features, cool and moist

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use of basic ethical principles applied to the doctor/

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Apart from rapidity and possible irregularity of action, there may

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Gregory ; and finished his medical studies in Glasgow and Edin-

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of the chest alone is relied on. Tracheal tugging, inter alia, should

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for gall stones. Cotton seed oil is of equal therapeutic

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