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patient sank gradually and died six weeks after the operation.
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Physical Findings: Enlargement of spleen, symmetrically
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* Meaning other than aneurismal. f Meaning iodide of potassium.
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Martis.— On April 21, at The Briars, Crawley, Sussex, T. H. Martin,
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palling increase of the practice of smoking amongst juveniles,
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freedom from pain continued throughout the case. Here it was
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cellulitis, peritonitis, and septicaemia. In srelation to
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for the year was 4.42 or 3.54, deducting those who died
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for one week after the operation, when the stitches were removed. The
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tion. The immediate effect of the infiltration of the cardiac wall, which
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material extracted consisted largely of an ester of cholesterol which crystal-
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only extending diagonally from the uterus up into the
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excise the bone in the form of the letter V, so that the lines may converge towards
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The coincidence of the phenomena observed during life, and of the lesions which exist
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man in attendance upon her was very anxious about them, and sent her