micrographs in which the microscope field is reproduced
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which the patient suffered. We therefore note with some interest a
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gave a decided pressor reaction (Fig. 10). This demonstration of a
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series of manipulations some improvement has already been gained in
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the circumst;ince.s of Mr. Organ's oiigin.-xl offence, his subsequent course
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and man occupy an intermediary position. Those which approach
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logical processes or of experiments. Most of the latter consisted in
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ject. Several iiuliiors contrilmte their quota to this
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under the skin. Also external heat, general faradism and
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circumstances : It may result from a deficient supply, or the bad quality
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I do not include the suicides nor epileptic insane, who
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ciiie o|ieratoire acousticpie, profess^es a I'ficole
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talking to themselves. In fact this is the quickest and most
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mained so for from twenty to forty minutes, when she
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coincide with the last speaker. I believe tonsillar hypertrophy is secondary
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pends on the success of the surgeon in his hold over these old children.
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minute construction even of these, as such information can
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either in the heart itself or in other parts of the body, from
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long as there was a probability in a given case of its
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lesion composed of uniform nuclei with minimal atypia, a
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'r facts at present more than any thing else.— RusKfN.
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do. The Binet-Simon test is described with illustrative
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Taylor 6 (Proc. Roy. Soc. Med. Sec. Obs. and Gyne., 1908-09,
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