action it is sometimes better in its influence than digitalis. Many cases
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having excited hepatic colic. I recently saw an instance of this kind
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Oertel gives a special diet-list in circulatory disturbances.
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gastric contents, followed by dilatation of the stomach, be engendered,
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fully met by the use of morphin in small doses hypodermically at inter-
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Local symptoms, as pain and tenderness in the lumbar region, are
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racteristic feature for a long time, though it is eventually followed by an
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The affection is, however, almost always a secondary one, and, though
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fallacious material to the higher centres for reasoning and judgment. It
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nodulated. No fluctuation. tumor in the hepatic area.
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Cystoscopy. Squier & Bugbee. $3 00. Paul B. Hoeber.
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deliberate (staccato or scanning), the tendon-reflexes are increased,
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ovary soon resumes its normal condition. Therefore, it is unneces-
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closely together at the anterior part of the ovoid body.
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dust of' streets and houses, etc. The fact that the bacillus of tetanus is
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and urinary symptoms are absent. The exclusion of lumbodynia and
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distinguish the disease from chorea electrica and the maladie des tics of
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seems to be one that is well suited to be placed in the hands of parents
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work is a remarkable one, and represents an amount of work that only
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Doctor delivered his address. If the other States could do as well pro-
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been demonstrated to exist in other portions of the colon, one is
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until compensation has failed, but the patient's appearance often indicates
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Even more frequent perhaps are those perplexing cases of anuria now
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used hypodermically to stimulate the heart ; it is also good practice
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litis, yet, as stated, the majority of observers believe it to be a neuritis.
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toms alone. The spine should be carefully examined and palpated for
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At present there is considerable agitation over a request by Presi-
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The prognosis of distoma hepaticum is absolutely fatal and the treat-
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The quantity of indican in the urine is diminished.
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male child was delivered weighing /\.y 2 pounds. It was puny but
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there is arterial dilatation, due to excessive mental activity from any
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characterized by cyanosis, jaundice, and copious visceral hemorrhages.
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dition becomes much more grave. There are small patches that yield
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cent, of cancers are on the lesser curvature. Ten out of a hun-
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Patholog'y. — Hydronephrosis is usually unilateral The pathologic
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effective against seat-worms also, but mainly in reaching those lodged in
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Treatment. — The suggestions made in the treatment of gastric
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Aneurysm of the Walls. — This is not of frequent occurrence. Its
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