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spondency ; severed the left femoral artery with such

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Iodide of potassium and a clyster were therefore ordered.

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from the local process. On the other hand, in meningitis, in hydro-

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and faeces involuntarily, in bed. He stated that he knew when the

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tion of the stages of coma. In a certain number of cases the

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opening medicine but improved under active doses of extract of

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constitute a mine of wealth to the unscrupulous man who

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acute nephritis, albuminuria, and uraemia, is 4451 per million. The

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of the journal, ovisrinal articles follow . . . There are comprehensive summaries of

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maximum is reached during the forenoon, generally between 9 and 10

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has an agreeable odour and a slightly bitter and aromatic taste. It

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Phthisis is so distinctly associated with a particular form of insanity

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mate for the relief of humanity belongs to the doctor. As the great Doctor

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If we accept this view of the pathology of remittent fever, it is of

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affected has a semi-transparent appearance. It feels like a piece of

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in their relation to the morbid processes of disease has not

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I will not misstate it, for Fort Oglethorpe should not be any different

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county society then he could be an honorary member of the state

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wise irregular, is usually associated with organic disease of the liver, but

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