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at first sight simulate coma ; others suffer from headache, fainting-fits, and
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Da. Davis on Diseases of the Spinal Column. 26&
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ing, especially outside lying-in hospitals. It could not,
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temperature of 73 to 86° C. (163.4 to 186.8 F.) in a quartern, and of 86°
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It is a well-known fact that some persons, and especially the mem-
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autopsy it was found that the arch of the aorta was the seat
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of uric acid in excess. Here, of course, our alkaline water proves of
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present known, is the elimination of uric acid ; but the researches of
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with the forceps could have effected the delivery in the case here
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have not substantiated this, and in all probability there is no real difference
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in the other types we are convinced from clinical observation,
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When 120 grammes of the ointment had been used the patient
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opportunities as great as theirs, merely remarks: "If this be so, the ail-
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morbid condition consisted in the removal of one of
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daughter of the late W. B. Liliicrap, Esq., Plymouth. No cards.
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with the very grass itself which they had cropped and swallowed,
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abstract of an article from the Semaine Medicale in which
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deformans," Klin.-therap. Wochenschr. "VVien, 1898, v. 958,992. — 71. Little, . '"Chronic
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If the animals were deeply narcotized with ether, so that there
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conditions of the famous city and \ est- 27-30, 1914, in the auditorium of the New
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tions of the cervix uteri which were found to have occurred
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other hand, the faradaic and galvanic contractility was often
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in the letter, we may be prepared to meet a deplorable-looking being,
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convey to my mind the existence of a general law regulating the
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wards, so as to make a projection in the nostril. Mr. Fergusson divides the
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the existence of faculties and their localization. A'^ulpian Iç has
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life, I cannot tell from the meagre data obtained from
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as at Georgetown University Hospital, the Washington Sanitarium and Hospi-
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has antagonized the effects of all the deadly forces perpetually at
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The circumstance, that children often die of croup, who, during lif^
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losing flesh and strength ; she was not more than about
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surgical methods for treating the majority of the affections
grains in a day. His appearance is such, that, on a
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hundred or thousand individuals ; so there is clear
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the cells of the posterior spinal ganglia, each of which consists of an
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contrary, experience has shown that such practice is re-