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points and streaks. The medulla for the most part remains healthy.
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f " Ueber die Bedcutung der Bursa Pharyngea," etc., Wiesbaden
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but still some special questions are in dispute, particularly whether the
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Autopsy Report {Xo. 3214). The autopsy was performed by Dr.
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tents." These conditions had been most frequently found in
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Some get a bettor idea of a thing from one point of view, some
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them in detail, and at the same time refer to certain provisions with
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Having completed the examination I turned very suddenly toward the
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* " Symptomatologie und Diagnostik dcr Hirngeschwiilste," Wiirzburg, 1865.
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with the contracted white kidney, may occur at a time when the patient
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He has an impression, which, however, cannot be greatly
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although there were no gross lesions, yet the tubercle bacillus was detected
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from the Cross of Calvary to build a ship of the line — together with those
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scinded, and was reassigned to duty at Circle Hospital.
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ner. In the five cases so tested I got not the slightest
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have the papular exanthemata. The variety of dermatitis, characte^
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several elongated papillomata of a piukish-grey colour growing in the
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closed by suture of the skin. In the control animals also, the skull
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