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cases were of quotidian, and 44,857 cases of tertian, type.^ Cases have been
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physical injury was the important cause. Neuropathogenic heredity
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From the standpoint of the teacher or the progressive
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Treatment.— Efforts should be made to prevent the de-
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the same department of the British army has not been
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several localized posterior synechiae ; anterior syn-
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Fluorescent substances or bodies are self-luminous through-
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therefore, as I knew the operation would be tedious
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three cases of cystinuria and one of cystine calculus. This was
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a brief resume of the advances that have been made in this field of
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vouring to cement them together with quack nostrums,) which, we
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to signify any person who is carrying around bacilli
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for her, had been unusually tedious and painful. The placenta was found in
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involve the habitual and conscious transgression of obvious sanitary laws.
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to treatment ; for this improvement is not revealed by the physical
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stone. The latter was a mulberry calculus, an inch and a half
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f " Traite des Entozoaires et d«s lual. Verm.," par C. Daraine. Paris, 1879.
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one who continually inhales the pure air of the country, and who calls
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moid with its mesosigmoid, and then performing end-to-end
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greatest importance, and in many doubtful cases an ex-
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Med. News, Phila., 1891, lix, 541, Also, Reprint. .
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opens to an outside widlh of an inch and a half, and it has a
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the left half of the thyroid cartilage by means of an eleva-
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the session of 1882-83. In adopting these requirements the Board
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omentum, and a peculiarly thin condition of the small intestines, which in
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The patient made an uninterrupted recovery from the operation, and
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tolerable night. A double blowing murmur is now audible both at the apex and
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One point more, and we have done, ^ve ojijiosed it in its progress — we defied