crowned heads, among whom are the Empeor oF Auftria and the

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this disease by the absence of the symptoms characteristic of other

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some vomiting. I saAV him during this attack, and formed the opinion

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berculosis to permit any conclusions to be drawn. In-

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French Medical and Sanitary Matters, gained during the Session of

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enough, to procure their adhesion. The absolute obliteration oi

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arising from scabies. Its occurrence in leprosy has already been referred

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have brought us to the habit of considering that there are but two

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law which I have stated above, be null and void ; in

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condition of the blood, rendering it more easily damaged in the

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accordance with the glowing reports received from France.

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ances and mental symptoms (acrocyanosis, hyperidrosis,

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no vaccine cicatrix, was 21 1 per cent.; among those who had one cicatrix, 7^

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John C. Fletcher studied some of the moral problems involved in medical

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47. Lees WR, Hall-Craggs MA, Manhire A: Five years' experience of fine-

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to oat-protein. She then told me that since her teeth had been

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muscle sheath, as well of the heart as of common muscle; in

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for determining blood pressure is the most accurate and this is the

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septically, we need not fear to make free and large incisions.

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men is given in detail. Three members of the patient's family

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printed form of demonstrations on congenital malforma-

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wives and guests will be held at 7 :00 p.m. Tuesday, May

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piration. It is usually heard alike during the sounds of the heart

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the canal should be swabbed with a 5 per cent, watery

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I desire this plea to stand as the expression of that which

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The peculiarity pf this procedure consists in cutting down upon a grooved

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tem. — Lancet, Ocu 30, 1858. | that his lung* were affected. He (Dr.


nostril open to its maximum for a number of hours. The

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either convict or acquit the accused, but simply that the

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particular patient must be referred to the esophagus.

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and to the right. The rotatory movement of the heart

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sition twelve times." In eleven cases the fcetus was

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it from him; I got it from an old negro — from the

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ful in its history — nearly, if not quite, thirty Freshmen having

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severe paroxysm of cough, and lately after a hard sneeze. Each time

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ed largely to improved hygiene in institutions and is

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of Nottingham, meeting of Toe, mortification ol the great 493

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ter of these manifestations did taunt him more than

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dered vacant by the transfer of Professor Renk to Dres-

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horses, and as many of asses and dogs, exhaling in greater or

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January 10, 1822. Six free beds were established ; three for

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in Detroit, and his article is embellished with a litho-

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in the internal arrangements especially, it is clear that

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