As to the apparent origin of the pain, he found that
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poisoned with a large dose of prussic acid, is not -more hope-
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mation in one case may subside rapidly, while in the
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cases unless we treat the uterus as a pus cavity and drain it.
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profession, the wife of one of the faculty said: "Tell them that the
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avoided are any foods which exacerbate the colitis.
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Dr. James S. Cheuoweth (Multiple Uterine Fibroid) : This specime
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than natural, the width of the intervals.between them depending of course
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especially where a eomj)lete eradication of the poison, when it has been
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Important symptoms relate to the muscles. Tonic contraction of the
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half the time ordinarily occupied. All the physicians present
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cholesterol decreased by 24%, 16%, 1%, 8%, 3%, and5%.
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of the facts in the first instance, led us, in accordance with the laws pre-
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examination and I telegraphed to him in London, he im-
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saved a number of lives, " and that it is at present,
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and it only remains to do a little moulding to bring the nose into a
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larged inguinal glands to secondary syphilis. In a less degree,
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Dr. Cobleigh (closing the discussion) : In reply to Dr. McNabb, 1
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$21,940 for the five reformatory institutions under the
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remained on the backs of the hands, became irritated by this
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and in one fresh, unstained preparation the whole process was observed
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be, the characteristic symptom of infectious psychosis,
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^f curing disease? You are not acquainted, or you are not a proper
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an unfrequent variety of pleuritis. Inasmuch as the pus cannot be re-
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may in time produce an elongation not only of the ligaments, but of
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reason the Commissioners of Charities and Correction
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treated and the control animals may indicate whether or not this is the
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occurs in rare cases is sloughing of the soft tissues into
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Stoerck regarded them as an infallible sign of the tuber-
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take a share of it upon their own shoulders. To this, we have no
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could not be talked out with members of a family, and
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form. Any foreign body, as a needle introduced into a vessel, will
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tribution of the serum for that particular community.
of efficiency which are even more important. There is
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of sweeps are well known. The influence of irritation or contagion in
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diseases. Unless when unattended by any appreciable symp-