was discussed and it was decided that the by-law was

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thence east along the southern boundary of Haskell County to the southeast corner of said

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9: 25 a. m. Common F*roctologic Conditions, Tom E. Smith, M.D., Dallas.

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was no spasticity; the Babinski reflex was negative; a fairly sustained

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Water at (iS V. is allowed to I'uii throuirh a stop nozzle into the ex-

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So far as could be determined^ no instance of acute inflammation

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Society met at the Woodland Hospital, Moberly, with

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many times over. Around him, at his command, are a thousand conditions which may

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represented by a yery translucent, reddish-brown heart muscle, which ayer-

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was based upon the injection of a solution of carmin gelatin into the

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under the chin and on April 17, 1915, there was still considerable growth

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Dewitt," and Hall,^ and were generally acc^ted until Lerene and Meyer **

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single positive report. Moore^ has stated that it is

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4. The hyperht)phic osteoarthropathy was obviously secondary to

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cussed separately, the disease of the pleura being considered first, and

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material which stains with hematoxylin. There is no inflammatory reac-

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shown to be true of hogs, which were found to be very susceptible to

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The Missouri Tuberculosis Association reported on mass

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,|,.,„ f aphasia without any hsii.ii involviii!.' this s.i .-alh-.l I'-i a ar.-a.

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Fig. 1. Injected ectopic orifice showing marked ureteral

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13. Nathanson, I. T.: The Effect of Stilbesterol on Advanced

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development of a condition of tetany with accompanying abnormali-

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that reacted were immediately separated from those that did not

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possibly in other rodents. Rat fleas and lice transmit

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ther of interest. There were several punched out scars on the penis.

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with infection and formation of calculi and the de-

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fused for a period of 15 to 40 minutes with a Locke's solution contain-

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Fig. 2. Tubercle bacilli from culture Case XIV, after passage through cats.

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78. ♦Peterson, W. : ** Atresia of the oesophagus with transposition

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tecting occupational health hazards in the stage of

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tial before any material progress can be made. As is the case with

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every point on purity and fitness in the materials and on cleanliness

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tingencies hereinbefore stated : Provided, That it shall not be required that sheep be

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the one above, with the exception that troughs were placed along the ammonia plpea