The more laterally placed and smaller bundle (figs. 1, 2, and 3,

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and even months, if not arrested b}^ curative means. Its indefiniteness

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The sympathetic chain ganglia of the older stages, as in the

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the complications which are liable to occur. Coma and convulsions

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Sixth edition, revised and augmented. In one large octavo volume of nearly 800 closely -

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filled with tuberculous matter. In another specimen the kidneys con-

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few needles at die ends, and the edges of the wound held

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they ma}' be present wlien the urine is not albuminous. Wax}- casts may

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tide were made. In this paper Brookover ('17) describes the

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to the peritoneum over the kidney. Inflammation of the peritoneal cover-

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removal of the osseous particles, by means of an acid, may be dis-

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or the equivalent, which would of course result in a complete

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enlarged pancreas. A medullary tumor, as already stated, may be suj)-

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responding with that which recurs on the fourth day. These compound

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not exemplify a law of periodicity. It is one of the effects of lead-poi-

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period before alkalinity of the urine is produced. It is w^ell adapted to main-

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morning (the 10th July) there was some diminution of the fever,

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Intense active congestion calls for bloodletting. Relief is obtained

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the most complete and best work ever published. —

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cord, which, with the nerves therewith directly connected, form the

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a kind of fibrous or cellular structure, as they reached towards

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the amoiuits of sulphatids are increasing slowly. The phospha-

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This opinion seems to be also held by Treviranus. In page 30,

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to the mau}^ reported cases in which the disease has appeared to originate

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univer.«ally felt. He has accordingly sought to embody in the work a concise account of all the

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