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Brieger states that " in operations (on the mastoid) undertaken during the

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Billings, that "the trouble with some folks is that

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to a plasmodial parasite, — the Disioma hamatobium

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tion of tissue, it might not be detected by the most

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previously reported. Usually the eosinophiles are much reduced, but in

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Intestinal Anastomosis by Suture. — The prevalence of the use of plates

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temporary relief, but the patient does not get better.

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The day came for donning our new white uniforms and grappling with our little black bag; the

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essential requirements of a suppository that (1) the drug shall be evenly dis-

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President, Dr. Theodore L. Hatch, of Owatonna ; first

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affected; sometimes the entire body seems to be congested and is covered

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deneral. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1910.

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teenth century the discoverer of the fluid of the labyrinth, Dominic

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