occupies the more central parts of the corpuscle, streams into
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Induration of the lung. Pulmonary Fibrosis. Pulmonary Phthisis.
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IS probable that the feeding of milk direct from the
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should have been judicial deliberation. Writing from a stand-point of
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from pneumonia. The fact is that in Michigan the increase was not
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cuits. Almost any induction coil would make a suitable
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great majority of cases of elderly men, the presence of these products is not grave.
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This example illustrates the complexities of violence. Suicide is
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W. S. Caldwell, of Freeport, 111., who, I wish to add, wa3 more than
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were obtained in 210. Three cases of tubercular pericarditis which
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268, 3 pi. Ateo, Repiint, — Iicwkowicz (X.) TJeberden
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of tuberculous patients. The doctrine of the contagiousness of the dis-
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only 0-34 % protein had been thrown down. The concentration of " de-
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dence of a definite pathological change in the enlarged liver of
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to the liver to be excreted again in the bile. After
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and is quickly withdrawn ; it is commonly moist, and more or less thickly
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those who had not a previous attack of typhus fever, were either seized
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and are not highly specific. Clinically, it should be
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water and a diet consisting of plain food. Long periods of treat-
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ences acting upon the little patient, especially, an erroneous system of
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sometimes, however, the oscillations increase indistinctly, even sufficiently to extend
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similar case, a man fifty-two years of age, who had established
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emergency resuscitation treatments. The majority of the surgical and diagnostics
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always portrayed as extremely seductive and lovable, and
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direct inheritance, and no reversion was observed. John H. Mor-
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^ French: Fievre Bilieuse Hemoglobinurique. German: Schwarz-
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With regard to symptoms, the persistent vomiting may be
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Hospital), Mr. E. B. Bronson (Litchfield County Hospital,
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means by which results are often, if not generally,
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Gibson, R. J., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. The leave of
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CLINICAL HISTORY. Acute gastritis gives rise to intense pain of a
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Director Bureau of Engineering and Inspection — H. E. Miller,
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symmetrical gangrene of the tip of each index finger. She recovered, but
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saying that the pain and trismus had greatly diminished,
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