from one individual to another; direct introduction into the body l)y

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Cases. No. 116 South Eighth street, below Chestnut Philadel-

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obstructive symptoms appear. In patients with a history of recur-

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siderably in size ; at the same time, a gush of urine took place. On closer in-

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work on the pathogenicity of the organism recovered

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amount of acid in the saliva, which, in some cases, dissolves

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later we published accoimts of a number of experiments, since when the

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they occur. Diphtheria antitoxin in cerebrospinal meningitis is theoretically

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indulge the hope that the observations which follow will be verified by those

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lis, had become associated with him in the practice of

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should not have received an earlier check from the legislature. The truth is, that the skill

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should cause the blush of shame to mantle the cheek of

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grains of antipyrin in a little alcohol, applied two liga

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by defective nutrition and imperfect muscular development, the in-

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the typhoid state, when hyperpyrexia sets in, and death takes place

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by the author, and, wherever it be possible, the facts recorded

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temperature, precisely the same as in the greatest cold of winter.

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during the pressure. By the 24th and 25th Victoria, c. 100, s. 14, it is

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sie complete du muscle droit externe et du muscle grand

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fibrin is formed, it undergoes resolution. The deposit upon the pleural

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from being a constituent of Prussian blue. It was discovered by

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bile vocal cord was in the median line. The chagrin which

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We have before us a tabular statement of the number of patients,

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the Urine.— F. H. McCrudden states that his did not show as

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nerve-centers are not to be considered clinically as indepen-

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seen and every variety of cell fragmentation and karyolysis of the nuclei.

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ing, and lasting, with intermissions of an hour or two, for a couple of days,

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not a new one. WUldfrctnd dissolves six gnins of iodine aad imim

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71. Hexagonal Appearance, caused by the mutual pressure of Air-cells filled

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persons attended to, wholly or partially covering the

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Mr. Balmanno Sqiiire. The subscription-list still remains open

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such penalization. Nearly all of the companies refused or

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be that a positive opinion can not be formed. But this is the excep-

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Midwifery and Medical Jurisprudence, by Walteb Channino, M.D.