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John Ambrose McKinley, M.D., Northwestern University
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identical with that of typhoid fever ; that the reaction against
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Dr. Bennett, of Bridgeport, Conn., in 1853, wrote an article, which
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his explicit description of the symptoms of myelitis, Ollivier
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are likely to attend upon the case are sufficiently pro-
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in Embryology and Zoology. C. The Jccker Priie has been
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they are evidently based on cases actually observed in
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consider briefly the immediate and ultimate results of prostatectomy
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no heart complications. For the post ceryical ache, phena-
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tion in concluding that when interstitial nephritis occurs it begins about
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With reference to after-treatment, he always kept his
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nature that it is not worth while to discuss them. My motion
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fire took place in a druggist's shop by reason of a quantity of oil having been
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call for the results. If it have not, I rej^K-at that
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many timid people have of going \nto the sea, is further increased by the abate-
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monium acetate solution ; potassium chlorate or nitrate ;
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tient will but observe ordinary hygienic rules. So when the period is
Yet the fact of the " spontaneous evolution " of a living
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then applied his mouth to that of the patient, and insufflated the lungs.
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the apparatus is slipped off the stilette, the end of
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may pass by way of the placenta to the child and cause a typhoid septi-
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ficial epithelium. Its employment has been recently advocated by Larwey. 1
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the attack. Pain in the head, althougli generally present, does not always