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by bandaging. On May 10th all ulcers had cicatrized and the
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Haffkine's method in broth on which clarified butter
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rusty and markedly tenacious. Subsequently it becomes thinner and
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tion of this epidemic disease such as it prevailed hereabouts, attacking
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the amount of enfranchisement they will receive under the
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without risk of the formation of false passages, and the evidence de-
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covium, formed of fibro-connective (white fibrous and yellow elastic)
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for at least twelve months. The prolonged retention
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make a dangerous pressure on the artery and nerve, while the roller
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quamation will begin to take place in four days at the point where the
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tremitj' of the copper funnel. When the aspirator was set in action by opening
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Scotia) cattle disease undertaken in 1894 and 1895 on behalf of the
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medicine, Dr. Aitken, discusses renal disease. He '
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employ in abdominal sorgeiy^ and that is the X-ray. Almost as soon
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active delirium of typhus, in imitation of Dr. Graves. But he does not
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the resonance over this side was purely tympanitic, and auscultation fur-
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integrity of the vital principle may be interrupted, or its
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The vaccine is prepared from a single, selected strain of the
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the rounds from doctor to doctor and are treated for
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its ability to restore the lost action of the spinal nervous cen-
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the incisor teeth to the deepest portion of the stomach is
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on flushing the mouth with sugar-water that the nurse had constantly
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The sexes are about equally divided as regards susceptibility ; many writers,
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in the following manner: — Two instruments were used, the
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city. The walls of this pouch were very thick and hard, and there was a deposit
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County Medical Associalion (annual) ; Halliniore (iynauo-
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rise to continual crying, restlessness, drawing up of the legs,
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THE reader, we are sure, will not be impatient of the follow-
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the child's life from its premature birth. But with the help of an
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Thei-e is no marsh miasm, and very little diarrhoea or dysentery. Diseases
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Before I describe the history of hydatid cysts of the spleen, I will quote
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