poisonous principle contained in the beans. One of the patients
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whilst the girl had no appetite, although she possessed the moans
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Chakles W. Stevens, M. D., Professor of General, Descriptive, and Surgical Ana-
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opisthotonos), shooting pains, hypenesthesia, and paralysis, with wasting
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apj)earance of the body. The bluish-white sclerae and pallid nails are con-
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the wards are kept filled. Each physician attends at the out-door de-
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the exercises which is of importance, hut the care and precision
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45.8 per thousand for those not taking quinine prophylaxis). Further
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latter may be precipitated with a little neutral lead acetate. A thick flocculent
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tilages. Bits of cartilage may become detached from
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while in others the cause seems to be shock or syncope following a tedious
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* " Symptomatologie und Diagnostik dcr Hirngeschwiilste," Wiirzburg, 1865.
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value of the lowering arterial pressure I have already discussed. The
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mucous patches ; the lips may also crack at the corners.
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for certain symptoms during life. The period required for the processes
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tical aspects of this problem. It is sufficient to say
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Earl Ostermayer, D.O., Lester Eisenberg, D.O., Clinical Assistants;
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the Secretary for Scotland on 17th March, and placed before
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if it can be used. In all pelvic and complicated abdominal operations, it
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This patient lived two months, but at no time was there
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Of the 14 cases, only 5 were in colored persons. The children were
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several instances (14). In these cases epigastric pain and retching were
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Fig. 5. — A mass of agglutinated spirochetes from strain Y. This was
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we provide cardiac support for hours and avoid producing the
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details of Dr. Bernhardt' s case, but it is nearly identical, according to Professor
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tear the cervix into the vaginal roof, inflicting frightful injury.
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successful "drummer" on the road, and has brought more trade to the firm that
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be made to look after the Jewish poor. One of the chief rea-
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doubtless ; but practitioners, it seems to me, must liave
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existed when my legs were touched. It was some hour
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between 70 x 10"'' cm. and 35 x lO"*^ cm. It is difficult to imagine
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of treatment in this case extended over a period of eight
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depending on hcemorrhoidal congestions and an arthritic dis-
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