opium in either the extent or permanency of its effect. Hence,
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18, aged 28. He graduated M.B. from the University of Toronto
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experimental data it may be inferred that the developmental
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the house for about two years with terribly swollen limbs and
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swollen, and that one of the testes was enlarged and painful. This was the only organic
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Dr. G. B. Jenkins : As to the nature of the injury there is
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and 56 per cent., respectively, of the total number of cases were non-
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clude from the leader in the Journal of the 21st ult., the title of
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cent, and was traced to endometritis and laceration of the cervix. Only 66
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Therefore, as the precise fundamental element on which the contagion
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a stricture which is absolutely inextensible and un-
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therefore, we understand what favours the formation and what
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complicated, succeeds much better than any other, and is never
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tinctly moist air, and, notwithstanding the prevalent as-
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At any rate a study of this rapid destruction of typhoid bacilli by the
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digestion of proteins. Indican is always present in the urine in small
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suggests to us the means; it teaches us why resections have hither-
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autopsy, but firom a priori reasoning. Moreover, in most autopsies no
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differentiating the intensity of an hyperaemia. Even in
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pulse is found only when there is a radial pulse (according to Mackenzie, loc. tit., Fig. 292, p. 280).
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by cough. Sometimes the patient vomits freely during several paroxysms
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urine. The lines joining dots in the first column of each series of three
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order of this class, the corpuscles are more highly developed, being flat and
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without their presence being detected. In children, especially,
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at the instant of the seizure. The delirium is manifested in different ways.
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acter of the pulse occur. These changes are of bad prognostic import.
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Grace Hospital will be continued in the new building
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