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county, two hundred and thirty- two, and in Hancock, two
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In the Hastings Prize Essay for 1870, Dr. Fothergill remarks that it is in the
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ma levels in osmotic diarrhea because both the ileum and
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administering this metal in any form as a remedy; but
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The convulsions generally subside in some degree when the patient is
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amining board at San Francisco, Cal., for examination for pro-
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stance of the liver. Because of the absence of marked
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sented a paper on the part played by local injury in in-
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and treat as "Abscesses;" if near a joint, poultice and let them
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is suddenly increasing, or that a foreign body (coprolith) is super-
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every means of which I had any knowledge to relieve
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Dr. Carron was also called to see a young woman, a washerwoman
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ankle not less surprising results have been obtained
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extended down the cord, producing congestion, local ex-
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coarse and subtle, but all degenerative in type. With
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victims regain control of their lives. Therefore, it is