found in the marrow. Osteomyelitis variolosa is a bad term to apply to the
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ditis — or indirectly through a paresis of the vasomotor system. Romberg
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have performed faithful service, should, whenever any ac-
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organisms are commonly brought in contact with the body
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the tender mucous lining of the respiratory and alimentary
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are also recommended to remove the stimulating and infectious contents
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is usually short. Second attacks occurring after a long period of time must
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four have as yet exhibited no signs of Bright's disease. A
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certain observers that this organism was an attenuated form of the bacillus
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flowing water of the Elbe. Still this is made probable by these findings,
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the American Hospital at Mexico City found a mortality of 39 . 8 per cent.
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regarded as a mere variety of rubella, this conclusion is fallacious since nearly
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camp became infected than those who were purposely inoculated. Every
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often, how soon will it provoke adverse comment, and how
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cleansing of the skin being a good prophylactic. Should boils occur, one tub
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Scrofula and Tuberculosis. — Few physicians have not
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and when the will to do or imdo rests with the individual, and
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slightly less pulsation and some slight disability in the affected extremity.
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and tonsils. Gastric disturbances do not often occur. The bowels are
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the bacilli. Such a means of infection might be very difficult to trace, but
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and other affections, and published his well-known work on this
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required, with an occasional fumigation by means of pyrethrum, will add
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first of these groups, viz., those 13 and 14 per cent, under-
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weak and variable. The urine contains large amounts of albumin. Some-
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of such prolonged periods of incubation, resulting evidently from experi-
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Pneumococcsemia without distinct localizations has been reported by
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policy will not be granted where the beneficiary is the
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is as follows : The child has a sudden attack of vomiting, complains of slight
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cept the hyaline and granular, and even they are scarce.
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Hysteria. — Manifestations of this are not uncommon. The patients lie