appendicitis per se is present. We know there is a pathological lesion there
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Two Cases of Oophorectomy.— Dr. Goodell also exhib-
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that they would result in grave and unnecessary harm to patients at
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blood. Last, but not least, in our enumeration, Liebig ex-
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and many of the rare forms of fractures. The use of the
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intensities. In preparing it for use I first cover the carbon
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hales de 1 6picaid6 et de la pl6vie pulmonaire. Compt
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detail an account of a case of acute dysentery in his practice in
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nary artery to a pathologic change in the myocardium that
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Hyoscyamus. Unless, however, it happen thus to disagree with the
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Intermittent Fevers. — The cases admitted into the hospital have not
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morphia, together with chloral and bromide of pdtassium
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physiology being isolated under the idea that its laws are peculiar, it is
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One of the most complete and most exhaustive studies
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edge in the lateral ventricles, but the injection never penetrates into the
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as that of Jaquet's cardiosphygmograph (see Cardiogram), about the chest in such
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inspected to see whether what is given is properly absorbed;
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regarded as a localised manifestation of a certain consti-
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an effect was then produced exceeding that of a single applica-
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actions resemble on a much larger scale, those of straining at stool
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medical schools whose graduates they recommended for consideration for licensure on
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amples of trophoneurosis with different localization of
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early evacuation of the rectal sac and the preservation
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there was traction on the body in extracting the after-