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Marcus Beck at University College Hospital. Report taken

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Lecount (^) found oedema but not so marked as in uraemia or heat-

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suspension in large sterile flasks with carbolized salt sol. according to

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assigned to the forensic team in the Martland Medical Cen-

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half after death, in which case the blood was liquid, and yet coagulated,

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A,B,c,D,E, Lymphatic glands that have a cellular appearance.

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which had an inflammatory crust. And into D, I poured a tea-

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Correspondence may be addressed to Dr. McDonald. 15th floor.

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such as banks, department stores, post offices, etc.: and be it

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Mandates boards of education to conduct annual screening ex-

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all the experiments frequently since his death, and have written

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Case 3. — J. Smith, female, set. 56, under the care of Mr.

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It seems almost useless to speculate upon the exact nature

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accumulated in their blood-vessels ? This conjecture seems to

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The use therefore of those salts which enter into the com-

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distress had much increased ; he was unable to lie down for an

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unsaponifiable matter) and 68-11 (when free 'from 'unsaponinable

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I have been brought irresistibly back to diagnosis, since

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Whereas, the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New

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epidemiological investigations, as discussed by Dr. Hoover.

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field. Considerations of professional responsibility and public

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ones are without it. Now this, I say, seems contradictory to what

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sions to say to my other remaining old friends. The fewer we

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reported by the Manufacturing Chemists Association that

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tating gait, but no ataxia ; unsteady, with ing, and has done sc

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would remain in them without being changed in their shape.

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he occupied such a brilliant position, is felt to be especially

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fession or the public. Nevertheless, I believe this is a develop-

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sey Retirement Plan Trust-B, which adopted a Corporate

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between teaching and non-teaching patients was even larger.

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of the urinary bladder. As you will note. New Jersey stands

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coagulation of the blood was ascribed to a mere, cohesion or

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troublesome headache referred to the neighbourhood of the

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(3) In these cases it is the hands that first regain the

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shall only mention the general result of the whole.

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more rasping than that heard in the common carotid. The

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