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tively than they. Whether its virtues dep^i'od upon a peculiar principle,
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ments with small elements is, that the peculiar galvanic stimulation may
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imperfect resemblance to intermittent fever, has received among them
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,K» niw^anlphaaccf mcrphianttTbeiwirndiTaaageonft^
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0.5 ml. The center well contained 0.2 ml of 20 per cent KOH plus
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may exist in the brain, in the early stage, and of etill further irritating
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place, as affording the most powerful nutriment. It agrees
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case of disease for which an equally good and a safer food
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the presence of pathogens. Tissue fluids containing either antibodies
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small do«\ and increase till it evinces some siprn of act in j?. The same
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Effect of Acute and Chronic Exposure to Low Temperatures on
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tinue into the period of reaction, as it would much ap:gi*avate the dan-i
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fluence from the sympathetic, while it produced no effect in pains of the
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timntt; aad they may tkns penetnte into tbe intenor of strncnra <
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to be given in larger doses, and is superior to it in these respects, that it
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heavy, and ungainly carcase of some sot connected but
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processes. Specifically immunized animals were significantly pro-
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the temperature of the atmosphere — at least to an additional
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> arrests the dlseaeie^ by diminishing' tbe caliber of the capOla-
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of supersession, to certain applications made to them directly, or, in the
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using acetate of lead, by injection, in cases of acute dysentery affecting
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solid opium, as they operate more speedily. In these several affections^
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eable to cases in which the indication is to promote the digestive func-
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a peculiar effect on the nervous system which quite obscures the tonic
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tifely less pungent It is heavier than water. Besides the oil, there
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dues is fonnd in the very substance of the organn, from which it can l)e
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long enjoyed a high reputation in pulmonary complaints, a
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little value, and cannot be depended on to the exeiusioa of wioe-whey,
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length of his continuance above the horizon, and from losing
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and arteries, without any direct eflfcct on the cerebro-spinal functions.
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they tell us that food is changed by the body whilst a medi-
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much easier to do a penny-in-the-slot sort of practice,
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cheeks, etc, and held to the nostrils, so that its vapour may be inhaled.
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not be made into good bread. The fecula contained in it
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* In omni domo nudi ac sordidi, in hos artus, in hcec corpora, ojice mi.
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i p fit d speedilj. Rheamatie palsy may almoc$t always be cured by
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gether in one place, and all had locomotive powers to a suf-
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with hyp"»nitrous acid, in the j>roportion of two equivalents of the former
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not nnfrequently injurious by their acescent tendency.