(3.) A case of iVpoplexy in which Caesarian section was
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the Church, and in 1G8H became Kector of Drayton, Oxon, where he
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and necessary n)eans by which the tilting of the head into the pelvic
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On the contrary, other authors following von Noorden advise a rather
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information, furnished through town clerks has ever been placed on file in
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a degenerated condition of the middle coat of the vessel— atheroma.
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was another method of using the ''cold-wire loop" without
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held accountable for the relatively few cases reported in the liter-
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which Donnan's theory of membrane equilibrium demands.
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followed by Professor Vaughan Harley, Professor W. H. Thompson,
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Newborn infants and older children are subject to purulent ophthaB-
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sleep. The lower eyelid undergoes commencing ectropion ; the palpebral
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were badly frightened or very much shocked, may develop exag-
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abdominal wall, etc., with which the various abdominal viscera
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interrupted sutures of silkworm gut, the first suture being passed in
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question calls attention, are a bane of our profession, and
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portion of patients. He tlierefore states (2) that the Ba-
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are not typical; and, therefore, cases which it is difficult to assign to
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leg traction failed to deliver, and, as it was evident that the child was
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ing until the end of the month, when vomiting occurred
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little girl certainly had many of the symptoms of pin worms, particularly in the
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that I might estimate the exact amount, and add the
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The so-called *' antiseptic dressings" of Prof. Lister have
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soon transmitted to the parts about the genitals. He thought that
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remarkable phenomenon, and may well justify the inquiry, are
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of an operation being performed until after it is over ; and again, he
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the act does not seem to differ materially from some crimes which
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scalp lacerations, other external injuries to the face, eye, or
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'^ tions, however, is fresh leaves of Stramonium, (Jimson Weed) which